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New Hope

New Hope
When Time Separated to Write
Time was ticked quickly. It faster than our step. By that time, I lose many chances. One of them is writing. Yaaa.  My comfort zone make me forget to writing.

My New Life ~

I have been married, now!

Unbelievable, I have been married for one semester. After married, I rarely writing. Whereas, marriage give me a lot wonderful think. It's too pity if I don't write it at all. So, I want to write again. Hopefully, this blog give me spirit to writing and do another good deed. 

Talking about married, I remember about many friends and lecturers who asked me, "How? How your feel after married?"

I just say, "That's so wonderful!"

My Husband, My Hope~

Many wonderful thing happens,
In the beginning, hm... I was excited... My husband is what I expected before. I can't write all in this post, it's too much. But, I would try in simple words. 

First, he help me to reach islam-knowledge. Even though we often debated -and he always won- I really get a lot of knowledge.

Then, my husband is very very patient and humorist. In every corner when we were walked together,  I say... "Take a pict.. like that like that..." and he always give his best smile. Hihihi... 

Call him, Mas Agus! He will be my capture of my writing... Hopefully, I get new spirit to write, it's not only for today, but also tomorrow and after. 

Nabila Cahya Haqi
17 November 2015 (Days of 90)